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Become a Craft Coffee Expert by this Weekend

Learn to craft elevated brews from a seasoned coffeepreneur. The Overnight Barista Masterclass brings coffee enthusiasts to the next level.


The Overnight Barista Masterclass


Who this course is for:

  • Coffee Enthusiasts

  • Kitchen Experimenters

  • Home Entertainers

  • New and Intermediate Baristas


You’re on a quest to achieve the perfect brew. You need your morning cup to nail that robust, balanced flavor, every time. Not too bold, not too acidic, nothing but smooth, aromatic caffeinated bliss.

Your lineup of friends and family is ready to be enticed by their new favorite signature styles. None of that burnt-tasting commercial junk, you’re here to open their eyes to authentically artisan ingredients and help them understand the difference.

The Overnight Barista Masterclass is designed to bring aspiring brewmasters years of technical expertise in simple step-by-step videos. For those who are ready to take their craft to the next level and serve up satisfaction by this weekend, get ready to dive in and start learning right away.


What You’ll Achieve

✓ Learn to decipher coffee labels like a pro

✓ Find authentic artisan coffee beans

✓ Expertly identify diverse tasting notes

✓ Nail the right temperature for optimum flavor extraction

✓ Learn the precise measurements for the ideal flavor balance

✓ Master the use of elaborate brewing tools

✓ Expand your repertoire of crowd-pleasing favorites

✓ Understand the science of coffee craftsmanship

✓ Fashion your own endless supply of cold brew

✓ Mix distinctive flavored syrups from scratch

✓ Entertain guests with elegantly satisfying coffee cocktails


Your Pro Instructor: Coffeepreneur, Edd Siu


Hi, I’m Edd, your instructor and fellow lover of all things coffee. I launched my own artisan coffee shop in sunny Orlando over five years ago to help us look up from our phones, ward off our distractions, and spend quality time with one another. The perfect brew is a delectable catalyst for bringing people together. And there’s nothing more satisfying than owning the skills to craft any cup precisely to your guests’ liking. My customers thought so too. Within a few weeks, my shop would fill up with a daily line out the door.

After growing my business into a profitable success, I sold the shop and started to teach aspiring coffee experts. In this masterclass you’ll own the tactics I’ve perfected from thousands of hours of research and practice. Everything I’ve learned and used to scale my own business is condensed into easy-to-follow video tutorials. Whether your goal is to delight your friends and family or launch your own barista career, learning from a pro will help you become one. Get started below to try a free lesson and learn a new skill you can use right away.

Course Overview


Part 1: Master the Fundamentals





Part 4: How to Use Various Brewing Methods

  • Kalita Wave

  • Chemex

  • Aeropress

  • French Press

  • Clever Drip

  • Siphon

Part 7: Craft Elegant Coffee Cocktails

  • Coffee Cream Soda

  • Café Negroni

  • Cold Brew Old Fashioned

  • Coffee Sherry Cobbler

  • Cold Brew Tonic

  • Tiki Cold Brew

Part 2: Craft the Perfect Brew

  • Time

  • temperature

  • turbulence

  • ratio

  • water

  • grind size

Part 5: Fashion an Endless Supply of Cold Brew

  • Cold brew vs. Iced coffee

  • How to make cold brew

  • Hoe to make Nitro cold brew coffee

Part 3: Start with Authentic Ingredients




Part 6: Mix Distinctive Flavored Syrups

  • Bourbon maple syrup

  • Lavender syrup

  • Tea syrups

  • Vanilla

What Fellow Coffee Enthusiasts Think



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 Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can’t I just look up coffee tutorials on Youtube? **

Sure, give it a try. In fact, that’s one of the things I did when I started and it took me years to put all the pieces together. One thing I didn’t find on Youtube were the brewing techniques I needed to launch my own business. Everything was watered down for the amateur home brewer. That’s why I created this course to simplify complex brewing artistry for anyone to learn step by step. The Overnight Barista Masterclass is for aspiring coffee experts ready to achieve professional status within a few days.

+ How would I become an expert that quickly?

Becoming an artisan coffee expert doesn’t have to take as long as it did for me. I spent years combing through information from books, guides, and tutorials before I put it to practice in my business. Anyone can learn what I did much more quickly when it’s presented in a streamlined way. One of the biggest mistakes I see coffee enthusiasts make is learning key concepts in the wrong order. That’s why I’ve organized everything you need to know into the most sensible way to learn it.

+ Will I need a lot of supplies?

All you need is a reliable French Press or Pour-Over device to get started. You may want to look into some additional brewing devices & tools to master some fancier drinks. To make that as simple as possible, I’ve scouted out the most effective and durable equipment to offer some suggestions that I use myself. You’ll have access to the full spread of supplies I use and where to find them.

+ How long will I have access to the course for?

You’ll have unlimited access. The course videos make it easy to prop up your tablet in the kitchen and follow along step by step. With unlimited access to each tutorial, I’m here to help anytime you need a refresher.

+ Can I try out a free lesson?

Absolutely! And I hope that you do. There are several key factors that go into the perfect brew, from taking the right measurements to hitting the right temperature. You can start learning the basics for free right now. Once you start learning how pro baristas prepare perfection, I bet you’ll want to stick around.

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