Recommended Bar tools



Here’s the thing about bartools. There’s stuff that’s meant to fill up the isles of homegoods stores, they’re pricey, not built to last, unpractical, etc. Next, there’s the cheap & flimsy stuff you find online that will break after five uses. Then, there’s the stuff bartenders actually use. They are designed to last, practical, and very affordable.


Here’s what I recommend:

Mixing glass - the perfect size for two or more mixed drinks.

Jigger - covers all the measures you’ll ever need, plus it has excellent “pourability.”

Hawthorne strainer - nicely compact & sturdy.

Barspoon - Not too small, not too long.

Koriko shaking tins - I’ve had these for over 5 years. Super sturdy and lightweight.

Strainer - Essential for double straining and holding back pulp or small ice chards.

Peeler - Built like a tank, blades are replaceable.

Cutting board - Nice and compact, easy to carry around.


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