Hey! I’m Edd. I love making things—especially drinks. But first, a little story:

Towards the end of his life, my grandfather told me something that stuck with me. He was checked into the hospital. I would go visit him almost everyday, sit on a chair and spend time with him. Most of the time he’d be asleep, and when he was awake, I’d read him the news. One day, he told me something that changed the way I lead my life. He told me that he was very grateful for me and coming in a just spending time. He said that the best gift you can give someone, is your time. 

From that point on, I made it a point to prioritize and spend time with my family & closest friends—gathered around either with food or drinks. Creating things fascinate me. And crafting liquid things is my jam.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to gather around a table, set some snacks and coffee or cocktails, and have long, meaningful, & thoughtful conversations for hours with people I care about. It’s where I choose to focus on. One day I thought, how can I center a business around this?

In 2013 I started a coffeebar— the ground up with plenty of blood (steamwand burns & knife cuts), sweat (busy rush hours are the best!) & tears (both joy and sadness). At the time it was one of Orlando’s first true specialty coffeeshops. Though the goal was always to make the best coffee, the priority was to serve people first, drinks second. Create a space where people from all walks of life can gather, fuel for the day or decompress.

During that time I witnessed friendships blossom, businesses launched, someone proposing (she said yes!) regular’s babies were born and we saw them grow into toddlers. I’ve attended couple of weddings & graduations. I’ve met amazing genuine people, a couple of famous people, and make several lifetime friends that I love dearly. All because of the shoppe (I know, thats not how its spelled!). All because we gathered around the drinks that we love the most.

Five years later, I knew I wanted to explore other curiosities and not be managing coffeebars for the rest of my life. I sold the coffeebar and took a nice little vacation and spent a lot of time reflecting. As I grew older and had more life experiences, what I learned from my grandfather on that day, still lingers strongly.

Now, I spend time focusing on exercising my creative muscles a little more. But my purpose is still the same. With this website, my goal is to teach people useful skills that will enable them to spend quality time with the people they care about—by making them delicious & fun drinks—whether it be coffee or cocktails.