It all started when…

Towards the end of his life, my grandfather told me something that stuck with me. He was checked into the hospital. I would go visit him almost everyday, sit on a chair and spend time with him. Most of the time he’d be asleep, and when he was awake, I’d read him the news. One day, he told me something that was ingrained in by head forever & changed the way I lead my life. He told me that he was very grateful for me coming in and spending time. He said that the best gift you can give someone, is your time.

Fast forward a couple of years…

In 2013 I opened up a coffeeshop. The mission was to offer well crafted coffee drinks with the best of raw materials, but the number one priority was always to foster a place where people could gather and call a second home. Throughout the years, I witnessed friendships blossom, folks launching their own business, regular’s babies being born, attended weddings, graduations, etc. Through the shop, I got to meet many amazing genuine people and made several lifetime friends that I love dearly. So my biggest question is…how does scale help other people recreate this, help them foster friendships and empower them to spend quality time with their loved ones?

So here we are, if you like drinks, this is a powerful tool to help gather people. My purpose with this website, is to teach you to make seemingly complex drinks and tasty drinks in a clear and simple matter. No unnecessary fuzz, just exactly what you need to know to accomplish the goal. After taking at least one course, you’ll be equipped to make some tasty drinks.

Wether it be you make tasty latte’s of brewed coffee for your friends before a puppy playdate, you make your spouse some delicious coffee in the morning, or you’re the one people look forward to making them amazing cocktails at house parties. Perhaps you love cooking, and your missing piece of your repertoire of skills is drink-making. Or maybe you enjoy the solace and ritual of making yourself something special to drink. Life is precious and not a second is guaranteed, so gather around and spend quality time with the people that make you happy!